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Bonnie Bowers The Best Of All Possible Worlds

  • Bonnie Bowers "The Best Of All Possible Worlds"

  • Writing, engineering, keys and vocals.


steel pulse vex

  • Steel Pulse "Vex"

  • Background vocals on "Whirlwind Romance".


jah message.jpg

  • The Wailers Band "Jah Message"

  • Background vocals on "Feed The Children".


jack miller.jpg

  • Jack Miller "Irienational"

  • Background vocals on "Keep The Vibe", "Living Without You", "Satisfaction", "Morphia", "Love Peace and Unity".


music from ground zero.jpg

  • Music From Ground Zero

  • New York compilation, includes "So Sad" from "The Best Of All Possible Worlds" by (Bonnie) Bowers and (Perry) Winston


  • Super Cat "The Struggle Continues"

  • Vocals on Turn


  • Jack Miller "Blue Tropic"

  • Duet with James MC Whinney on "Be My Lover"
  • Duet with Jack Miller on "Nothing Can Come Between Us"


  • Jack Miller "Love Has A Way"

  • Background vocals on "Strange Infatuation"


  • Jack Miller "Dreadlock Rock"

  • Backgroun vocals on "Love Peace And Unity"


benny landa

  • Benny Landa "From The Rain To The Sun"

  • Background vocals and vocal arranging; "The Real Thing", "I Need You".


light on brooklyn

  • Light On "Illuminating With Music"

  • Brooklyn, NY, compilation. conception, production, instruments, vocals, recording, engineering, mastering, graphics.


velvet mafia.jpg

  • Dean Johnson's "The Velvet Mafia"

  • Background vocals on "Mona Lisa", "The Velvet Mafia"


rev brown.jpg

  • Rev Brown "Psychomachia"

  • Background vocals and writing/arranging of background vocals on "All I Want", "Dreamland", "Hypnotised".


Clayton Bruce Ost This Day And Age

  • Clayton Bruce Ost "This Day And Age"

  • Background vocals on; "Me And You", "Those Eyes", "She Bleeds In Grey", "Straight as The Crow Flies".


raymond griffiths color my world.jpg

  • Raymond Griffiths Presents "Color My World"

  • Production, recording, musical direction, all instruments and background vocals on trs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17 and graphics


Starshine Musical

  • STARSHINE "Original Cast Recording"

  • Engineering, Vocals on bonus tracks Breath Deep, Starshine.


the shorthares hare ball.gif

  • The ShortHares "Hare Ball"

  • Bull fiddle (upright bass) on "Waving You Goodbye"and graphics.


from the erie shore.jpg

  • From The Erie Shore

  • Cleveland, Ohio compilation, writing and vocals with "The Walk Ins" -"The Rain Came Down" and "Comfort and Joy"


magic d .jpg

  • Magic D "This Is The Real Deal"

  • Vocals on "Do You Believe In Magic".


  • Virgin Child

  • Background vocals


Bowers and Winston the best of all possible worlds

  • Bowers & Winston "The Best Of All Possible Worlds"

  • (Original Release) writing, engineering, keys and vocals

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