Bonnie Bowers on The Howard Stern Show
bonnie bowers design

experience on both sides of the microphone/camera;

early exposure to the industries of television, film, music, theatre, recording studio, photo, and video studio has given a global foundation to bonnie's production capabilities.

a past as a professional; singer, musician, composer, choreographer, dancer, comedic actor, make-up artist, model, and set and fashion stylist combined with extensive production experience, she can offer a uniquely varied skill set to the project.

there is hardly a creative project that she couldn't contribute to, she has the experience and skills to bring it to life with great professionalism and flair.

bonnie bowers has produced albums, managed lights and audio for major acts, directed videos and stage managed many productions and much more. she is familiar and at home with every aspect of performance and the related technical requirements. if you want your show in the hands of an expert, then get in touch at your earliest convenience.

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Bonnie Bowers in There's Nothing Out There


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