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Bowers and Winston


Bonnie Bowers and Perry Winston began working together in the summer of 1989 under the band name "The Home Wreckers" along with songwriter and supporter, Lisa Kostroff. After some musical evolutions the CD "The Best Of All Possible Worlds" was originally released in 1993 under the name, "Bowers & Winston".


Bowers and Winston

A strained working relationship rendered a parting of ways with sporatic revisits to the project.

Bowers and Winston

Appeared at the
2009 Clearwater Festival

The band for June 21st featured
Ron Wilson, Paul Kates, Jenny Brooks, and Kevin Chambers.

One world, thanks and praise. ~Bonnie

Bonnie Bowers and the Shotgun Reggae Band live at Clearwater festival

the shotgun reggae band

"When the music is right and the rhythms are right, they are in harmony with the earths vibrations. Reggae has the kind of roots rhythms that are in perfect synch with the earth, it brings people together who have no common thread except the love of music," guitarist Perry Winston explains.

When Long Island born Perry Winston and Ohio native, singer/bassist Bonnie Bowers join together to celebrate their love of music they play reggae. The result is The Best of All Possible Worlds by Bowers & Winston. Prophetically, the album's cover was shot in Jamaica at 6AM one perfect morning before the recordings were made, or even concieved.

"I was working for the Wailers, and played some of the songs we were writing for Family Man Barrett and Jr Marvin", Perry recalls. "They loved them, and as they were working on a new album at the time, they asked us to write them some songs." This was encouragement enough.

"I started playing the early mixes before the Wailers shows. One night, their European manager Mitch Mildner heard them and asked me whose record I had been playing. He convinced me the tracks were good enough to release," Perry continues.

The Best Of All Possible Worlds was recorded at The House of Wah with the help of Kevin B of Steel Pulse. Nine of the ten tracks are originals and several of them are songs they had written for The Wailers in those formitive days. the tenth track is a cover of the Grateful Dead classic, "Row Jimmy".

Bonnie Bowers (writer/singer/bass player/producer) has worked with Junior Marvin and The Wailers , Jack Miller, Steel Pulse, Teddy Riley, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Dave Stewart, Diana King, Clayton Bruce Ost, Steve Holley, Larry Mitchell, Paul Pesco, Richie Cannata, Dean Johnson, Bobby Nathan, D.L. Byron and has shared the bill with such artists as; The Band, Burning Spear, Big Mountain, The Guess Who, Leon Russell, Buddy Miles, Andy Summers from The Police and more.

Audio designer/producer/writer/guitar player Perry Winston has worked with Jennifer Lopez; John Entwistle; Al DiMiola; Erykah Badu; Will Downing; Shabba Ranks, The Wailers and more.

The release of album; "The Best of All Possible Worlds" on Gekko Rekkords (USA) and the single "I don't Care" on Sonic Sounds (Kingston, Jamaica) has brought much attention in the West Indies, home and abroad and is just the beginning for one of the most credible musical collaborations in of it's genre and beyond.


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